Benefits and Risks of taking part in the study

Benefits and Risks of taking part in the study.

Fully qualified, registered physiotherapists will provide your treatment. They will use widely recognised treatments in the NHS. We hope the information we get from this study will be used to help treat people with broken ankles more effectively.

You are unlikely to be harmed by this treatment. The physiotherapist will assess you to make sure you are given exercises at the right level for you. You may experience soreness after completing some of the exercises. This is normal, and you will be given advice on how to manage this soreness.

People sometimes feel uncomfortable answering certain questions about their health. If the researcher, physiotherapist, or follow-up questionnaire asks you questions that you are uncomfortable with then you do not have to answer them.

We are not able to pay travel expenses for you to attend your physiotherapy (treatment) sessions. However, we can offer travel expenses for you to attend the 6-month research appointment.